Best Online Trading Courses London For Serious Futures Trader Training

Futures trading course workshops

The best online trading courses that I’ve ever come across are created by a prop trading firm called Axia Futures. They are the only trading educator that I am aware of that actually teaches real trading strategies that are based on the performance of top performing, elite futures traders.

What Does The Typical Trading Course Aim To Teach?

There are many so called “trading educators” out there. All of them promise to teach you the same old rehashed content that you can find in a range of trading books – candle patterns, moving averages, indicators, etc. But very few can actually say “here is a room full of 6 and 7 figure traders using these techniques”. When it comes to Axia Futures, you can actually watch a variety of their elite trader videos and see these guys execute massive positions in a variety of futures markets

Now, I know what your first thought might be: “Oh yeah, sure, they’re just trading demo accounts and pretending it’s live”. Well that’s clearly not the case here, because they execute trades on software called Trading Technologies, and if you’ve ever used their systems in live market environments versus demo account, all of their demo price ladders are coded to display the words DEMO above the ladders. So there’s nothing fake about the 100+ lot positions these guys are swinging around here:

Market Profile Trading Course

When you go through the trading courses on offer, you’ll notice their volume profiling course which is a charting technique that was first written about by J. Peter Steidlmayer – a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade between 1959-1985. Very few know the secrets behind how to use market profiles and even fewer can actually teach you specific trading techniques. If you’re looking to up your game with professional trading tools, this is definitely a course worth checking out.

Order Flow Trading Course on The Price Ladder

When it comes to getting best price execution, you need to be reading order flow and executing your trades on the price ladder. What is order flow? It’s the actual auctioning activity that goes on inside the market. You can almost think of this like the old school trading pits, except neatly displayed for you on ladder which shows the prices and the number of bids and offers at each price. When you trade using the price ladder, you can see how much volume is traded at each price and real time feedback when buyers and sellers are adding or removing their orders. Most “trader” only look at candlestick charts, which are based off of the opening, highest, lowest and last trade within a given timeframe. It tells you nothing about what occured during that time. Even if you were to look at at 1 minute or 1 second candlestick, you’ll never actually know what was going on. On the other hand, trading order flow gives you the ability to see inside the candlestick chart.

Other Trading Courses For Beginners

There are a number of other trading courses on offer at Axia Futures, such as their footprint chart trading course, their futures trading course (geared towards beginners), an 8-week career training programme, and even central bank trading course. There are all very deep topics, but they each address highly specialised, professional trading skills that any aspiring trader should ideally develop.

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